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In the vibrant world of art, Vijay Vansh, born in New Delhi, emerges as a self-taught artist with an innate inclination towards creativity. From his early years, he passionately pursued the dream of living through art, mastering the realms of realistic and semi-realistic works. A meticulous observer, Vansh infuses his creations with intricate details often overlooked by the casual eye.

His current focus revolves around projecting themes of peace and love, skillfully depicted through the serene imagery of monks in his artworks. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist monks, who embody inner peace and unconditional devotion, Vansh advocates for the widespread dissemination of brotherhood, urging people to live surrounded by the harmonious aura of peace and love.

Vansh's artistic journey has been punctuated by participation in various prestigious exhibitions, including the NDMC All India Art Exhibition 2014, Progressive Art Gallery 2015, and Lalit Kala Academy Group Art Exhibition 2019. His engagement extends to art camps and workshops, fostering artistic exploration and collaboration.

A glimpse into his gallery reveals masterpieces such as "Shiv G," "Meditating Lord Hanuman," and "Enlightenment," each a visual narrative of spirituality and tranquility. Vansh's art captivates with its portrayal of "Peaceful Co-existence," "Strength," and the timeless allure of "Buddha."

For art enthusiasts seeking a journey into the realm of serenity and contemplation, Vijay Vansh's works are an invitation to witness the convergence of artistic expression and the profound messages of peace and love.



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