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Urvi Sethna's artistic journey is rooted in a fascination with architectural forms, particularly the emotional layers embedded in urban structures. The concrete jungle, with its congested spaces and the interplay of light, vision, and geometry within city houses, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Sethna's artworks revolve around the concept of space, exploring interactions within structures and the positions we occupy.

Grids play a pivotal role in her practice, providing a foundational framework with a logical and mathematical approach. Sethna often keeps the grid visible, showcasing the artistic process with permeable rawness. The choice of technique and material is crucial for expressing her notions, creating visual compositions that highlight the fragility and changing nature of the material.

Urvi Sethna's education includes an MFA in Intermedia from the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, Czech Republic, and a BVA in Sculpture from M.S. University in Baroda, India. Her artistic journey also includes various workshops and artist residencies, contributing to her multidimensional artistic approach.

Her exhibitions, both in India and internationally, reflect the depth of her exploration. Notable shows include "The Sound Of Sun Going Down" in Ceska Skalice, Czech Republic, "Locus Of Control" at the House Of Creativity in Mumbai, and "Lines (By) Lines" at Dhoomimal Gallery in Delhi.

Urvi Sethna's art captures the essence of urban landscapes, offering a unique perspective on spatial relationships, the play of light, and the juxtaposition of positive and negative spaces. Through her artworks, she invites viewers to contemplate the evolving dynamics of the spaces we inhabit.



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