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Surbhi Soni is a contemporary Indian painter, designer and art Instructor, hailing from Jaipur, whose art derives inspiration from nature, especially flowers. She firmly advocates the pursuit of inner joy through her abstract art. In India, we celebrate every festival and all events with flowers. Drawing inspiration from the rich floral diversity of India, from the resplendent marigolds of festivals to the serene elegance of lotus blooms, Surbhi has embarked on a personal quest to encapsulate the essence of these blossoms onto her canvas. Every stroke speaks, every flower has a story to narrate. Through her flowers, Surbhi talks about the power of goodness which ties us all together, generation after generation. There is something pristine and heart-warming about flowers. One can say anything with flowers. The vibrant blooms on her canvas exude an aura of happiness, uplifting moods, and invoking a sense of connection with nature.

Surbhi has been painting since '97 as a serious painter and has exhibited her art throughout India and abroad in solo and group shows. She has received an invitation by the Spanish Ministry for participating in the International Art Symposium 2024 in Monzon, Spain. Previously, Surbhi attended the International Art Symposium 2022 in Hans, Turkey on invitation of the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism. She has participated in national art camps including Rang Malhar by the Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur, Dehgam Artists’ Residency by ICAC, Jaipur By Nite and the Jaipur Art Summit. Her awards include the Raja Ravi Verma Award by Gandhi Art Gallery, Agnipath All India Art Competition (Gold Medal), Jaipur city woman artist award, Kalanand art contest 2016 of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation and Women Achievers’ Awards.

She has taken on another creative journey that harmonizes a passion for painting with a fascination for textiles. She paints on organic fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, silk and cotton to create wearable artworks that transcend traditional fashion boundaries. Her canvases and textile wearables have found their way in private collections of celebrities, dignitaries in India and across borders. Nine of her artworks are in permanent Delhi High Court.



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