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Sukanta Das, born in 1973 and raised in West Bengal, completed his Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata, in 1996. His artistic prowess has led him to participate in numerous solo and group exhibitions, earning him several accolades, including an Honourable Mention from the Avantika Art Society in 2003.

Das's artistic medium of choice is mixed media on canvas, through which he adeptly translates emotions into visual form. His figures, while aesthetically pleasing, also inspire viewers to weave narratives about the subjects. The attire and artwork on his figures, inspired by Mughal miniatures, present intriguing portraits that seem to connect the subjects to a distant past or story. The presence of calligraphy in the background gives the impression of an inversion of traditional miniatures.

As an artist, Das does not appear to be preoccupied with conveying a specific message, instead leaving it to the audience to interpret. However, he pays meticulous attention to detail, beautifully rendering elements such as the eyes, smile, and even eyelashes on the canvas.

Das's art resonates with both men and women due to its sensuousness, the precision of its figures, and its overall simplicity.



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