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Somnath Singh completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2001 and his Masters in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2004; His first solo exhibition  was held at Dhoomimal Art Gallery in 2013.

In a city, where one is enveloped in by ones surroundings- the noise, buildings, work, money, relationships, one still tends to find themselves alone.

Somnath’s acrylic respond to this lonely yet contemporary nature of cosmopolitan, where the artist lives and draws. Working in semi abstract vein has produced some very engaging images of human situations as we encounter in everyday life. He works with partly obscured human figures indicating the facelessness of the contemporary world. Pairing deep colours against dull backgrounds, the artist deftly captures the loneliness that city dwellers are experiencing today- is not rooted in any one phenomenon, though it’s easy to blame this experience on the breakdown of the traditional family unit, the mindless scrolling on our phones, or the jobs that follow us home through emails and texts.

One figure that we  repetitively see in his works is a faceless man- someone who passes you by every day but you never seem to see him.

The artist also gives us an insight into the relationships of the contemporary world; how they only seek temporary refuge and not permanent belonging.



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