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Shoba Jolly, a passionate photographer and avid traveller, loves capturing poignant slices of life, as she sees it, in her exciting sojourns around the world. Her vivid and endearing images tell stories about exotic and often unknown people and places in far away lands. Interesting facets of life on streets, revealed with photographic flair, is also her special skill and forte. A commerce student from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, Shoba ran a plastic manufacturing industry for 22 years. Yearning to give vent to her creative side, Shoba now concentrates on travel, landscape, street and fine art photography.

Shobha aspires to create evocative photographs that provoke introspection on issues that concern us as global citizens. She travels widely to interesting locations and shares her travel memoirs by writing articles accompanied by alluring photographs for various travel publications. She has had very successful photography exhibitions at various renowned galleries, which have been well covered by established newspapers such as the Hindu and the Hindustan Times among others.



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