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Shampa may like to emphasis her fascination with the basic elements of nature that that unify the earth. The actual Tattva in her visual representation is her keen sense of colour. With colours she builds her canvases. Her colours fill the void and reach out through the eyes to the nerves and inspire a quite meditative mood. The vibrant yellow and reds, the blues and whites, element and pour are juxtaposed to construct a range of hues that sedate and exhilarate almost simultaneously. With the medium of acrylic applied o¬n canvases the magic of meditative heads, closed eyes, pink sensuous lotuses, tapering hands and Chinese clouds, Shampa evokes a mysterious and the mystic element. Other motifs also play in her visual narratives: the shapely fish, sometimes even a playful dolphin, the written script as well the signs apparently of Buddhist origin. What is delightful to see is that the silent heads that float in a space that is dense with colour are representative of both the genders. This perhaps reinforces Shampa’s own statement regarding her art.



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