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Artist born in West Bengal in 1974 hails from Budbud, a district in West Bengal. He imbibes a strong sense of culture and spirituality which is highly visible in his artworks. He has been an active artist for more than two decades now. He employs his art and wields his brushes to paint inspired and spectacular scenes of the Holy Varanasi City. He has carved a niche for himself with his unique interpretation of the colours and energy that make the Assi Ghat and the activities around it so profound. Apart from Gang Aarti in its variegated version, other subjects like Shankirtan, Shakti, Drums and Ganesha have also been handled with equanimity by him. He has swayed not only religious or ethnic ideas but also mundane modern concepts. His 'Seven Horses' series is liked by the clients. He has also contributed to the Lays Heart work charity programme. His impressionist style of painting is sure to leave a favourable impression on you. He has full command of acrylic, oil colour paintings, and line and spatula work, which eventually became his signature style. He got opportunities to display his artworks made in India, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Australia, Dubai and Amsterdam.



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