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Hiral Choudhari is an Indian artist born on 24th December 1997 in Isar, Gujarat. His work primarily revolves around the theme of rural to urban migration, a journey he himself has experienced. Moving from a small village to a big city like Ahmedabad, Hiral's art reflects his personal struggle to find a balance between the simplicity of village life and the complexity of city living.

Hiral completed his Diploma in Applied Art from Sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad in 2020. He is currently pursuing a Post Diploma in Print Making at M.S University, Baroda (2020-22).He has been recognized for his talent, receiving awards from the Gujarat Visual Artist Association and Kala Ravi Trust for Best Painting in 2017, and from the Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy for Sculpture and Painting in 2020.

Hiral has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group shows. Notable among these are his solo shows at Asitis Apparao Galleries, The Lodi, New Delhi in 2022, and "Emigrant Stories of Mundane Life" at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad in 2023. His group shows include exhibitions at the Gujarat Visual Artist Association, Ahmedabad in 2016, "Saptarang" at Sheth C.N College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad in 2017, and "The Art of India", India’s biggest art showcase, Ahmedabad in 2022.

Hiral also participated in a summer residency at Space Studio, Vadodara in 2022, and attended portrait and painting camps organized by the Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy in 2018.His work continues to explore the duality of rural and urban life, symbolizing his own journey as a migrant.



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