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Abdulla PA is an artist and designer who completed his B.F.A from the Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thrissur.His fascination with nature and its designs began to influence his artwork that became his signature style,captivating viewrs with its beauty and complexity. In recognition to that he received an honourable mention in the State Award category handed out by the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy at the Kerala State Exhibition 2020-21 and exhibited his works for the 50th annual State exhibition conducted by the Akademi.He also was awarded with Special Mention Award conducted by Kerala State Exhibition in the year 2023. His works were also exhibited in IDAM, a renowed art event organized by the Kochi Biennale Foundation at the Darbar Hall.He is
Motivated by the ideas of biomimicry and biomorphism, Abdulla collects peculiar-looking natural items to study them thoroughly and incorporates their aspects into the field of art and design as he concurrently learned on extending their potential to his profession.His artwork haa also caught the attention of well known art collectors,including MR. Christopher Hurlimann ,Bentom AG Switzerland.Abdulla PA continues to explore the fascinating intersection of art and nature, constantly seeking inspiration from the world around him with his unique perspective and boundless creativity.
Abdulla. P. A. arrives at such an aesthetic enterprise that is curatorial in attitude. He curates nature as forms of objects ‘found natural’.

Objects and machines of human invention sometimes employ a programming that mimics the forms of nature. What happens when the ego-centric human agency in making art is consciously erased for a non-invasive human understanding of nature? One starts re-looking at ‘natural programs’ visible on objects. But putting them in an ‘art context’ is a different exercise. Again, nature looks like a collectible item, thus back into a human design.



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