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Born in 1945, Gogi Saroj Pal works in many media including gouache, oil and ceramic. She studied art at the Government College of Art and Crafts, Lucknow and a postgraduate diploma in painting from the College of Art, New Delhi. Her subject has always been exploring the condition and inner life of women, their desires and compulsions. Gogi’s “Kamdhenu” are her take on a single unclothed denial figure whose top half is human and the bottom half morphs into and animal. Kamdhenu- the wish fulfilling cow is used by the artist as a metaphor for womankind- for her giving nature and against her suffering and exploitation. She has portrayed women as silent victims of social injustice in a patriarchal establishment- their limp limbs, tilted heads and folded hands and awkward position suggesting their helplessness. However, you'll also find a distinct sensuality attached to the figure, addressing the female as epitome of male desire. Her work forms a bridge between the traditional and progressive, making Gogi a rebel who rejects the term "feminism" by embracing universal, regional and local consciousness while addressing contemporary issues. The term “Kamdhenu” refers to the story in which the devas, divine male spirits, churned up the ocean with the assistance of Vishnu and brought forth an array of gifts, including a cow that inherently bestowed blessings on everybody. Kamdhenu marks the emergence of a woman from a traditional role into a progressive being.



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