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Ghanshyam Gupta completed his M.A. Fine, Printmaking, Royal College of Art, London in 1997 , M.F.A. Printmaking, M.S. University of Baroda in 1993 and his 

B.F.A., Painting, Govt. School of Art, Aurangabad in 1989. Many accolades are attached to his name through fellows hips, scholarships, auctions and awards. 

"In my new painting, the image will help you to meditate, concentrate and make you realize the depth of colors and strength of images. Colour is capturing the individual mind, relating to the conscious mind and takes you to a different world, as well as it works as a colour therapy to the mind. I am trying to touch the soul with visual material. In short, I try to release the body, mind and soul through my brush. The work has high visual attraction which holds the mind and induce "P e a c e". I am a painter, sculptor and Printmaker,and occasionally I write poetry. I like working on monumental sculpture. I have proficiency in stone carving, metal casting and fiber moulding works. I am able to use any media according to the demands of my

work subject. I do printmaking, using various techniques. I have vastly used serigraph and etching. The content and subject of my work are based on past experiences. I subconsciously filter these experiences and bring them out visually in an abstract figurative manner. The total image comes forth as an intricate drawing which reflects my subconscious mind. The themes are based on love and fantasy although these are not literally depicted. Daily experiences from life influence my work. This is the essence of my work. While producing my work, I do not consciously set about making an image. I try to capture the essence of feeling or mood and depict it through various media. Sometimes I draw pictures of my inner world which in turns make me feel strange and mind boggling."




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