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My sculptural practice is essentially figurative in nature. I have attempted at an illusionist realist projection of the motif of the child. The challenges of portraying the figure of the child are numerous. One of the  most problematic areas concerning the presentation of the child’s  figure is to effectively bring'. and emotional associations related to the  child .

Wooden sculptures of a child are contemplated physical tenderness in sculptural presentation of the  figure of child is brought about by transposition of a clay model figure of the child into a wooden sculpture. The  processor this transposition involves major investment of time in finding the motive. Often I directly use accessories like

Found garments, shoes, polyester &gunny bags etc. To bring in a naturalistic, close to life projection of life like  composition. Inclusion of used garments and other accessories brought from local markets selling second hand goods bring in a sense of poignancy in the presentation. Needless to mention here is unintentional I try to stimulate his element in wood to give presentation a naturalistic orientation. Therefore I simultaneously refer to photography, sketches and drawing from life .The  onlooker would get from the clay composition world once real and used accessories are turned into a sublime poignant language in the  final composition, carved in wood.



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