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Born in 1975, Farad’s bases his works on the realities of human relationships and their subtle ironies, with the support of humour. Farhad’s paintings dwell on the human where each figure is an integral part of the work having its own a personality, which nurtures the narrative.

In terms of structure and concepts these recent works deal with more thought provocative intricacies, which may leave one awe struck at the first glance. The underlying sublimity of humour and irony betray the true experience of the artist.

On his canvas you will find only bright and vibrant colours. An interesting technique used throughout his works is the method of applying colour- dot-by-dot till the entire area is completely covered.

A 2003 graduate from Shanti Niketan, Hussain completed his postgraduate diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda in 2005.



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