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B. V. Nalakar was born in 1976 in Karnataka and he completed his education Art Education AMGD from Govt College of Fine Arts, Dharwad, Karnataka. Nalakar describes his work as a combination of realism and impressionism sets out to capture the architectural heritage of India with his forts and palaces. He does not focus on the sculptural details, rather he pays attention to the form of the building itself and the way light and shadow play out on its form.

The forts, palaces and temples painted by the artist are done in a certain manner to preserve their grandeur, monumental strength and the aura of wealth and power surrounding the same. In his works, the landscape is the center point of attention. He paints Benares, Rajasthani buildings milling with the natives of the reign in their bright attire. In a certain way, Nalakar captures and preserves the timelessness of these monuments through his art. The artist has widely exhibited in solos and group shows in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Karnataka, and Kerala among others. His works have been collected in India and abroad.

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