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Born in 1949 in Behratpur a village near Kolkata and educated from Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata, Biplab Biswas’ collection evidently comes together as a well-drawn narrative, one that is resplendent and extremely enigmatic. This collection evokes a rich cultural ethos and heritage, which of a rich past India possessed. The paintings have an ethereal characteristic. His brush takes recourse to my past life in village Behratpur in Kolkata in almost all my creations. His men are less forceful than his women in his oil works.

The colors the collection uses is so artistically crafted that while it showcases a colorful and bright Diaspora of Indian ethnicity, one cannot escape the illusion it creates on the canvas. The colours are magnificently used almost as a game to create mirages and conjure up hidden images in the minds eyes. The colours definitely accentuate the powerful metaphors excited through the collection, and the ambiguity of the many faceless characters of the narrative.



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