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Started out as an engineer, Baiju was drawn into the art world in 1974 when he started reading about the history of Western Art. Pathan enrolled himself into a 5 years fine arts course in Goa, which was also at that time experiencing the western wave. A contemporary artists based out of Mumbai, his work shifts from traditional media to interactive programming based art, large scale lenticular prints on metallic surfaces, scientific charts, satellite maps and cosmological diagrams.

"I am an intermedia artist and I work simultaneously with digital media ( new-media) and with conventional media of painting.  While my paintings are very personal and veer towards the metaphysical, my digital works are about contemporary urban reality.

I began producing computer-based art way back in 1999-2000.  The type of 3D sculpting based work presented through animated lenticular prints I started doing from 2009 onwards.

My early artworks with digital technology through 2000- 2008 were software-based interactive installations which were very complex affairs using computer screens, projections, and computer code.  Eventually, I cut down on the complicated interactive aspect and shifted my activity to working with virtual objects that could be presented easily in gallery spaces via 3D lenticular print technology without the distraction of computer screens and other intimidating interface accessories.

The kind of art I am doing using animated lenticular prints fall under the umbrella term ‘Post conceptual art', an art that builds upon the legacy of 'conceptual art'."


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