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In the ethereal realms of artistic expression, Arun Pandit emerges as a luminary, a recipient of the esteemed Lalit Kala National Award for sculpture in the year 2010. 

Pandit's sculptures, casted in bronze, assume the rugged essence of granite and stone. With masterful finesse, he imbues his figures with a palpable three-dimensional, akin to creatures emerging from chrysalis. Each sculpture is a poignant echo of Pandit's profound contemplation, a testament to his brilliance in conceiving and composing, with humanity as the fulcrum of his universe.

In Pandit's artistry, bronze and fiberglass converse, whispering tales of human prowess and the alchemy of realism fused with cubist elements. Half-world, half-material, Pandit's sculptures embody a rare chemistry, marrying mold and bronze casting in an unparalleled fashion. They reflect life's paradoxes and the labyrinthine depths of human nature. His Couples stand as embodiment of resilience and beauty, while his Musicians evoke the cubist brilliance of angularity fused with the magic of antiquity.

"Not all my sculptures are beautiful," Pandit remarks, inviting viewers to navigate the intricacies of his art, to discover the hidden facets of gesture and form. His artistic vision, nurtured in the alleys of Patna, finds expression in the architectural symbolism of housing and the nuances of human observation.

Pandit's sculptures are not mere physical entities; they embody thoughts, subtle yet undeniably real. Each piece is infused with a passionate pursuit of perfection and a subtle spirituality that transcends the tangible.



Thinker III - Arun Pandit
Rs. 400,000.00
Thinker II - Arun Pandit
Rs. 550,000.00
Mask Seller - Arun Pandit
Rs. 450,000.00
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