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Amit carefully blends the forms of ancient Indian art and individualizes his innovative style- a new semi realistic technique of texturing with the realistic play of light and shade”. The Beneras series appearing like the photographic collages captures the glimpses of the sadhu’s and the devotees.

Amit speaks of his style as “I constantly draw inspiration from everything that is around. As a child, every scene around me bled colours on a canvas through my hands. I lose myself in every painting I create, in the hope that it would spark the same feeling in the viewer. I would like to think Amit Bhar paintings are a rendezvous for illusion and reality, that precise moment before you fall into a beautiful dream. I’m intrigued by many wonderful artists, and the rich culture of this colourful country. Amit Bhar paintings, I would say are a melange of ancient Indian art with the modern world. I bring glimpses of innocent, hidden worlds, so full of vibrant colours and life.”

Born in Hooghly, Chinsurah (West Bengal) in 1973. Amit’s first love was art. His notebooks at school were invariably filled with sketches and paintings. The scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural Bengal inspired him to take the brush at a very tender age. The clear blue skies, fallen autumn leaves, grazing cattle and the daily life of the village, nestled on the banks of the river Hooghly inspired him.



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