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How to take care of your art at home

As the art work in your house fills your space with positivity and colours, here are a 5 tips on how to preserve the lifespan of your obejt d’art and save it from any damages-

  1. Do not place in direct sunlight- Direct sunlight damages the protective top layer of varnish on the art work and starts to causing fading of the colour. Place your works in a naturally lit room without letting the sunlight fall directly on the art object
  2. Never use water to clean the artwork- Instead use a soft cloth and rub gently on the surface. You can also make a dough of white flour and gently rub it on the front and back of the canvas to clean it.
  3. Store in cotton sheets- When you store your artworks, don’t wrap them in plastic. Use cotton sheets instead to allow them to breathe
  4. Do not store in rolled form- Always stretch your paintings before you store them. In a rolled form the paint tends of damage and crack
  5. No DIYs!- Let your bronzes breathe and change colour overtime as a natural process. For your ceramics do not use soap or water. Clean them with soft sponge.


Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help you with the cleaning and restoration of your cherished works!

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