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LogoImage to TextHomeBlogsJpg To WordPDF To WordPDF To TextflagENdropImage to Text ConverterWe present an online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service to extract text from image. Upload photo to our image to text converter, click on submit and get your text file instantly.Advertisment Two brothers navigate their relationship burdened by a past turn of events. The elder brother, the protagonist, is at a fragile juncture in his life. He is struggling with mental and emotional disturbance induced by his eidetic memory, grief, anger and guilt. 

The episode is set back in time, in the late 90's, when communication wasn't as convenient as the contemporary time. There was a compulsive physical distance between the two characters. This distance is bridged by the exchange of letters. This excerpt holds onto one such letter. The letters and the protagonist's state of mind are conditioned by an incident that occurred a year before this particular letter (1989). 

In the year 1988, a three hour long argument provoked the banishment of the protagonist, the elder brother. The decision was made by the bothered locals who supported the act claiming that it would better their society. The protagonist left his home and found shelter in a distillery in the neighbouring state of Nagaland. Things were just settling down for him, when in 1989, the Nagaland Alcohol Prohibition Act was passed by the State Legislative Assembly. Due to which all the licensed liquor manufacturing distilleries collapsed. Zrongkai and Sons was one such company which was shut down in the month of April, 1990. Not all the workers were natives, there were outsiders employed as well. The lives of all the eighty-six workers in all in the distillery came to a standstill along with the factory 

The letters and visuals generates a glimpse of a short journey between few spaces of the place they belong to. The journey further triggers introspection in the protagonist's mind and makes him relive the incident that he dreads the most. The act of reliving wasn't just a bad habit but also a way to get out of the pit. 

Note: The fragments of the received letter is detailed in a set of thirty-six painted encounters, A5 in size (oil on paper), including text. The painted images lead us to the location of the protagonist which is represented three-dimensionally and provides a sense of real space/time. 

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